COMPANIES AND COMPANY REGISTRATIONS In South Africa, where individuals are interested in starting their own company and have it run as a separate legal entity, it should be registered with a government body called the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission(“CIPC) formerly known as Companies and Intellectual Properties Registration Office(“CIPRO”). As Continue Reading


BUSINESS RESCUE PROCEEDINGS During this Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of talk in the media dealing with companies undergoing business rescue proceedings. The automatic assumption is that the company is no longer viable and will subsequently not be a going concern, this is, however, not always the case. Continue Reading


During divorce proceedings, whether in the Magistrate’s Court, or High Court, there are remedies to the above problems. Rule 43 proceedings (in the High Court), and Rule 58 proceedings (in the Magistrate’s Court), are quick, and cost effective applications that can be brought – while awaiting the finalisation of the Continue Reading

Referral of an Employment Dispute

Have you been dismissed by your employer, unfairly, and don’t know what options you have available to you, to remedy the unfair dismissal? We, hereunder, briefly discuss two of the routes you may take to seek the relief that you need. Bargaining Council Bargaining Councils are created in terms of Continue Reading

Labour Law and Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic, and ensuing lockdown, has, to say the least had insurmountable repercussions, not only for individuals, businesses, and the economy, but for employer and employee relationships. Many South Africans (employees) have suffered from the following hardships: Retrenchments; Salary slashing; Commission cuts; Suspensions; Warnings; Many employers have been left Continue Reading

Changing of Marital Regimes

In many cases, spouses married in community of property fall into dire financial constraints due to the mismanagement of debt of a spouse or the risky financial implications attached to certain entrepreneurial projects a certain spouse may be engaged in. The rule relating to community of property is that all Continue Reading