We have noted that retrenchments, as a result of the dire financial consequences of the lockdown and COVID pandemic, are on the rise. As a result, we deem it imperative to provide an explanation of the process. We strongly suggest that legal representation be sought and obtained when commencing with Continue Reading


More than likely the most emotionally exhausting form of Court proceedings – matters relating to maintenance, and matters pertaining to parental rights, care and contact with minor children. Luckily, we offer a professional and supportive approach through such trying times. We have a prior article that canvasses the Court processes, Continue Reading


At certain periods of a company’s existence, it may be placed in a situation where it has to ‘release’ employees in order to sustain itself, or to create financial growth for the company. Should an employee or an employer find themselves in an inevitable retrenchment process, certain procedures must to Continue Reading


In everyday life people enter into agreements on a daily basis. Said agreements normally formally establish all parties’ rights and obligations pertaining to a common objective or project. An example would be an employment agreement in terms of which an employee will perform duties instructed by the employer in return Continue Reading


COMPANIES AND COMPANY REGISTRATIONS In South Africa, where individuals are interested in starting their own company and have it run as a separate legal entity, it should be registered with a government body called the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission(“CIPC) formerly known as Companies and Intellectual Properties Registration Office(“CIPRO”). As Continue Reading


BUSINESS RESCUE PROCEEDINGS During this Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of talk in the media dealing with companies undergoing business rescue proceedings. The automatic assumption is that the company is no longer viable and will subsequently not be a going concern, this is, however, not always the case. Continue Reading


During divorce proceedings, whether in the Magistrate’s Court, or High Court, there are remedies to the above problems. Rule 43 proceedings (in the High Court), and Rule 58 proceedings (in the Magistrate’s Court), are quick, and cost effective applications that can be brought – while awaiting the finalisation of the Continue Reading

Referral of an Employment Dispute

Have you been dismissed by your employer, unfairly, and don’t know what options you have available to you, to remedy the unfair dismissal? We, hereunder, briefly discuss two of the routes you may take to seek the relief that you need. Bargaining Council Bargaining Councils are created in terms of Continue Reading